It is with immense pleasure and a sense of creative wonder that I announce my artistic venture on the Ikigai platform. LiveTheLifeTV and Dimitri Daniloff have extended me the honor of curating a selection of distinguished artists for this innovative launch, a task that I embraced with great enthusiasm. This initiative marks a thrilling expedition, merging the realms of traditional photography and a novel, boundless exhibition space.

My fascination with evolving art forms, especially since the technological boom of the 2000s, drew me irresistibly towards this groundbreaking opportunity. The results have been nothing short of extraordinary. The artists featured in the ikigAI Genesis Art Collective have adeptly and eagerly adapted to this avant-garde medium, showcasing their remarkable talents.

Our curation is anchored in a meticulously reasoned selection of contemporary photographs, each leaving a significant imprint in the world of visual art. Spanning conceptual photography to ethereal poetic visuals, from the raw beauty of land art to the expanse of landscapes, each subject is distinct. These images, sometimes iconic, have garnered acclaim through exhibitions, awards, and publications. Their journey to recognition is a story in itself.

This first edition on the Ikigai platform is not merely a showcase but a reinvention of vision. Far from being simple reproductions, these photographs gain new life and dimension through their creators' touch. They offer a blend of spectacular and intimate experiences. The added layer of narration, be it the artists' voices or surprises in animation, enriches the encounter. Maia Flore's playful manipulation of stillness, Tauffenbach-Pourtout's visual illusions, and Hannah Whitaker's creativity, along with Cédric Delsaux's enhanced narratives in the 'Dark Lens' series, promise a journey beyond the conventional. The great artist’s team under my curation is composed with: Dimitri Daniloff, Edouard Taufenbach & Bastien Pourtout, Maia Flore, Ryan Hopkinson, Cédric Delsaux, Letizia Le Fur, Nick Meek, Hannah Whitaker and Joris Baquet. I'd like to thank them for their talent, faith, and commitment they've given to the Ikigai project

Prepare for a voyage filled with exhilarating discoveries and moments that promise to linger in your memory. - Florence Moll - FMA

Curator-Centric. <Florence Moll>
We believe that by placing the curator at the center of our collective, we can create a vibrant and dynamic community that showcases the best of NFT art. We believe that a curator-centric approach is key.