There have been several projects bridging the worlds of blockchain and real estate that make property transaction management, ownership, and liquidity ripe for disruption. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have recently taken the world of art by storm, and although slow to start, there are opportunities for tokenization in real estate.

With Fairmint, engaged customers earn ownership in the companies they love & use to build wealth alongside them. Sophisticated investors invest in the private companies they believe in with a clear path to liquidity. Leveraging Defi, Fairmint unlocks secondary trading, lending, pooling, indexing… all natively available.

NFTs with Defi mechanics?

The RWA Market is the first diversified real-world asset market on the Aave Protocol, bridging DeFi to the infinite potential of the real world. Alchemix Self-Repaying Loans allow you to leverage a range of tokens without risk of liquidation. Imagine a world in which anyone could buy a house as an NFT, borrow against the NFT using decentralized finance “DeFi” products with high-yielding interest rates, and cut out intermediary banks altogether. In addition to many remaining legal challenges, there will also still be a need for property management companies to take care of maintenance, payments, and collection of rents.

As an MVP, we might purchase some surf view plots, and install a couple of Mirror Houses with creative office spaces to let your inner artist escape into the sublime.

Interiors have a Scandi vibe with timber floors and ceiling, and adjustable heating and LED lighting. It also comes with custom-designed furniture, a BOSE sound system, a large touch screen, custom surfboards, electric bikes, and a Tesla.

The size – 6mx3m – is limited, but the views and outdoor decks will make up for that. To add just enough of warmth to the modern reflecting design, the back wall is entirely out of wood.

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls are framed by the steel structure, covering the house on three sides, thus making it blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

The MVP © LTL/GVO Mirror Houses #snowlife
The LTL/GVO Mirror Houses are made from steel, insulated glass, and wood, and take less than eight hours to build.  

So, what's next you may ask? #countryvibes