Imagine a zero-risk investment of ETH, whilst manifesting a real-life office with a view. Imagine 100 people deposit 1000 ETH total into a DAO (~ $4m).

DAO votes to send 2000 ETH to multisig
Multisig deposits into Alchemix ETH vault & takes out 50% loan = 1000 ETH
Multisig swaps 1000 ETH for 2m USDC

Multisig makes a 2m USDC donation to an LLC
LLC swaps 2m USDC for $2m
LLC buys an oceanview plot for $1m
LLC builds 10 eco pods for $1m

Alchemix loan pays itself back over time
Each month, multisig sends ETH freed up in Alchemix back to the DAO
In addition, the LLC sends a % of revenue from rentals to the DAO
DAO members gradually ragequit their shares to reclaim their principle (guaranteed) + profit from rentals (variable)

The Millennial generation is teaching the rest of us a thing or two about life. We GenXers and Boomers sacrificed a good amount of fun for our McMansions, five- and six-figure cars and driving the stock market up with retirement and other investments. Millennials, on the other hand, have adopted the ‘You Only Live Once’ ethos, enjoying a fuller life today!

Below is a small presentation of a future we are super keen to embrace. Can't wait to share more ...    

© UnbanksyTV Eco Pods by ÖÖD / Tokenized co-ownership model 3.0

When an asset owner decides to tokenize a property, an Ethereum-standard (ERC20) real estate token is created to represent shares of the property. The total value of all tokens will be equivalent to the total value of the securitized asset. (PDF Deloitte / Tokeny: Tokenized real estate)

© LTL Eco Pods by ÖÖD / Tokenized co-ownership model 3.0

Tokens entitle their respective holder to a right of participation. Token holders will be entitled to a pro-rata (based on token holdings) split of revenue, subject to proper Registration and KYC/AML. Revenue will be distributed to token holders quarterly. The actual amount to be paid out will be equal to the pro-rata quarterly revenue participation amount minus possible transaction costs minus possible withholding taxes.

© UnbanksyTV Eco Pods by ÖÖD / Tokenized co-ownership model 3.0

We will limit the share offering to a certain percentage of the asset – say 80%, to retain some ownership while looking for a new location after the pilot project.

© LTL Eco Pods by ÖÖD / Tokenized co-ownership model 3.0

Interiors have a Scandi vibe with timber floors and ceiling, and adjustable heating and LED lighting. It also comes with custom-designed furniture, a BOSE sound system, a large touch screen, custom surfboards and electric bikes.

The size – 6mx3m – is limited, but the views and outdoor decks will make up for that. To add just enough of warmth to the modern reflecting design, the back wall is entirely out of wood.

Floor to ceiling glass-walls are framed by the steel structure, covering the house on three sides, thus making it blend seamlessly into surrounding environment.

One of the biggest differentiators between real estate and other major asset classes is liquidity. Uniswap isn’t just a decentralized exchange—it’s probably the most powerful money protocol built on Ethereum.

Tokenized real estate tokens are technically shares of a company, by wrapping it inside of a legal entity, an LLC, ownership of the LLC is then defined as a specific batch of ERC20 tokens. By whitelisting the Uniswap Exchange address, it is possible to enable access to the Uniswap application and enjoy the benefits of liquidity.

© UnbanksyTV Eco Pods by ÖÖD / Tokenized co-ownership model 3.0

A listing inside of Uniswap is significant because it represents a security token operating inside of an Ethereum financial application, while still retaining compliance. All compliance logic that’s ‘baked-in’ to tokens is unchained by its integration with Uniswap.

© UnbanksyTV Eco Pods by ÖÖD / Tokenized co-ownership model 3.0

We plan to develop an eco-resort starting with 10 LTL Pods. Including creative office spaces to let your inner artist escape into the sublime. Originally envisaged as a pop-up hotel room or Airbnb accommodation, the two-person prefab ÖÖD dwellings are made from steel, insulated glass and wood, and takes less than eight hours to build.  

"I think that real estate can be owned in special purpose vehicles, legally wrapped LLC's that own the real estate as a DAO with a code deference agreement to the smart DAO contract.  Once the legal entity that is a DAO owns the real estate, the rights and obligations that are layered on top can be managed, similar to any other typical LLC (35 members) etc.  Most of the regulatory issues come with securities laws, which would be more manageable if the real estate wasn't tokenized as much as it is managed similar to a traditional LLC which requires the members to presumably know each other, and have rights of management that would be governed by the DAO." #notlegaladvice