In the world of generative art, Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion Wist stand at the forefront of innovation and experimentation. Their collaborative project, QQL, breaks free from the conventional notions of rarity and invites collectors to become active participants and co-creators in the artistic process. With a focus on unpredictability, QQL represents an exploration of generative art's potential.

QQL challenges collectors to venture beyond the boundaries of the algorithm and embrace their agency as co-creators. By involving collectors in the curation process, the project encourages the exploration of uncharted territories and the celebration of unique and unexpected outputs. This approach not only empowers collectors to take an active role in shaping the art but also provides the generative algorithm with the freedom to take risks and push the boundaries of creativity.

Tyler Hobbs, a visionary visual artist, combines algorithms, plotters, and paint to create captivating works of computational aesthetics. His art reflects the intricate relationship between computational biases and the natural world, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with modern computer hardware and software. Tyler's previous projects, such as the highly acclaimed Fidenza series and the Incomplete Control exhibition, have established him as a trailblazer.

Dandelion Wist Mané, a multi-talented artist, engineer, and entrepreneur, brings a wealth of experience to the collaboration. Their journey from leading open-source projects to migrating into the web3 space reflects their dedication to exploring the intersection of technology and creativity. As co-creator of QQL and co-founder of Archipelago, Dandelion's passion for generative art is palpable.

The collaboration between Tyler and Dandelion emerged from a thought experiment, born out of a desire to tap into the true essence of emergence in generative art. As their discussions deepened, the concept of collaboration by the collector emerged as an exciting possibility. The fusion of their perspectives on creating, collecting, and curating generative artwork gave birth to QQL

A project that blurs the lines between creator, collector, and curator. #QQL

QQL offers an immersive experience for all who wish to explore the algorithm's creative potential. Through the Create page, anyone can engage with the algorithm, experimenting with its outputs and saving unique images and renders. The iterative process allows collectors to continually refine and iterate upon their discoveries, ensuring a personal and evolving connection with the artwork.

Minting a QQL NFT is an opportunity for collectors to solidify their creative contribution. Each of the 999 QQL Mint Passes grants the collector the ability to mint one unique NFT, ensuring a sense of exclusivity and ownership. The Minting process remains open indefinitely, allowing collectors to exercise their mint pass at their own pace, whether it be immediately or years down the line.

What truly sets QQL apart is the inclusion of surprise co-creators. By collaborating with brilliant minds from various fields, QQL brings forth a diverse range of perspectives, infusing the art with a unique and unexpected essence. Scientists, musicians, community organizers—the possibilities are limitless, adding an extra layer of excitement and creativity to the project.

Tyler Hobbs on QQL and the Future of Generative Art
Fresh from his new collaboration with Dandelion Wist, the artist speaks to Alex Estorick about his search for the grail

Within the QQL Gallery, the community's creativity takes center stage. Minted works are showcased, offering a glimpse into the imaginative interpretations of collectors. Featured curated collections by the creators and surprise co-creators provide additional inspiration and insight, creating an ever-evolving tapestry of gen art.

Tyler and Dandelion have paved the way for a new era of generative art—one that embraces the collective spirit and encourages the exploration of uncharted artistic territories. As QQL unfolds, it invites us all to become co-creators.

Create | QQL
Explore the algorithm and create unique artworks for QQL, an experiment in collaborative generative art by Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion Wist