The rising cost of building on Ethereum L1 has made it abundantly clear: something must change to allow for broader adoption of crypto. Conduit emerges in response to this very need, providing on-chain providers, such as DeFi protocols, NFT platforms - and yes, onchain art galleries - with a practical means to scale applications without breaking the bank or the clock.

The promise of Conduit is particularly resonant for those aiming to launch their own rollups. Before Conduit, achieving production could take up to half a year of engineering, staffing, maintaining, and upgrading, a burden that could halt many initiatives in their tracks. But Conduit flips the script, offering a managed rollup.

Moreover, Conduit’s commitment to the groundbreaking Optimism blockchain architecture furthers its dedication to next-gen scalability and security. The synergy between Conduit and the Optimism Foundation gives a whole new meaning to their Superchain vision. This collaboration will bring the OP Stack and Superchain to the masses, paving the way for every team in crypto to have their dedicated rollup, much like tech companies have their cloud compute instances.

It also offers a potential share in sequencer fees and MEV from rollups, a step towards a sustainable monetization model that aligns incentives with users.

With a team consisting of former architects from Instagram and Meta, Conduit is well-positioned to navigate these uncharted territories. They are emerging as a potential ally for Ikigai to potentially deploy blockchain applications.

The OP Stack, a modular solution, stands at the forefront of Ethereum's quest for scalable solutions. Its unique, flexible architecture, which is EVM-equivalent, offers scalability within the Optimism ecosystem and Ethereum at large.

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