The revised business model for Ikigai Labs takes a bold step away from the traditional transaction fee approach often seen in the NFT and art marketplace. Instead, it sets a new course aimed at fostering a deeper engagement with curators, collectors, and creators, while also developing a robust portfolio of real-world assets. Ikigai Labs, a Delaware C Corporation, operates at the intersection of art and technology, with an innovative business model. Our company is a unique blend of an art marketplace, an auction house, and a creative hub, built to redefine the boundaries of art, digitization, and value creation through smart contracts.

Our business model is centered on two core principles:

Equity Sharing and Incentivizing Participation: At Ikigai Labs, we aim to build a deeply engaged community of curators, collectors, and creators. By incorporating as a Delaware C Corporation with Fairmint, we are able to issue equity to these stakeholders, incentivizing their participation and aligning their interests with the success of Ikigai Labs. Equity is distributed in four equal parts, each accounting for 25% of the total:

  • "Proof of Creation" for creators
  • "Proof of Engagement" for curators
  • "Proof of Patronage" for collectors
  • "Proof of Confidence" for investors

For the Ikigai Labs Genesis Art Collective, the first batch of creators, we are distributing 0.42% equity to each creator, valued at $17,640 per creator based on our initial valuation of $4.2 million.

Asset Development and Ownership: We focus on building a portfolio of real-world assets tied to the digital artworks sold on our platform. These assets include physical art pieces representing their digital counterparts (NFTs), stored in the Geneva Freeport, and eventually, commercial real estate as part of the Ikigai Labs Art Residencies.

For the Genesis collection, we are partnering with ten iconic artists, each contributing at least 24 digital artworks with a reserve price of 0.42 ETH (~$1,000 per piece). Assuming a complete sell-out of the Genesis collection, we expect to generate $240,000 in revenue, with Ikigai Labs receiving a 6.9% cut (~$16,560).

In addition, each artist will provide a minimum of four physical art pieces, valued at $2,500 each, to Ikigai Labs. This equates to a total asset value of $100,000, bolstering our financial base and enhancing our value proposition to equity stakeholders.

Ikigai Labs is committed to challenging norms, redefining reality, and building a sustainable, creative, and technologically advanced future. Our unique business model allows us to create a community where artists, curators, collectors, and investors can all share in the success of our platform.