As Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) redefine digital ownership and artistic expression, the need for comprehensive, developer-friendly platforms is becoming crucial. Enter Reservoir Market v2 – an open-source NFT marketplace that employs Reservoir APIs and offers instant access to liquidity aggregated from major marketplaces. This platform, far from being a simple demonstration, is an actionable, scalable, and customizable blueprint designed to help Ikigai Labs create their own NFT marketplace or trading experiences, matching mainstream marketplaces.

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Reservoir Market v2 encapsulates the promise of open-source software, encouraging developers to understand, modify, and enhance the code to suit their unique needs. It provides a framework for seamless liquidity management and efficient execution of orders across the NFT landscape, allowing access to all listings from a multitude of marketplaces including OpenSea, Blur, LookRare, X2Y2, and 150 more. Beyond that, the platform is rich with features catering to marketplaces of all sizes, from collection rankings to sweeping & portfolio management.

Leveraging Reservoir Market v2 as a boilerplate, Ikigai Labs can jumpstart their own platform, significantly reducing both time to market and the cost associated with building a marketplace from scratch. The platform simplifies interactions with other marketplaces, making NFT trading accessible even to those new to the space. With the freedom to modify the platform to suit their needs, developers can innovate without compromising industry-standard features, providing a strong foundation.

The educational aspect of Reservoir Market v2 shouldn't be overlooked. As an open-source marketplace, it serves as a practical learning resource for Ikigai Labs eager to understand the intricacies of building a feature-rich NFT marketplace.

Built on a robust tech stack that includes ReservoirKit, Reservoir Protocol and API, Next.js, React.js,, WAGMI, and Stitches, Reservoir Market v2 epitomizes a tech-forward approach to NFT marketplace development. The inclusion of the Reservoir websocket service enables developers to establish a connection and obtain real-time event updates, eliminating the need for constant polling.

At the heart of Reservoir Market v2 lies the Global NFT Orderbook that offers access to NFT liquidity aggregated from across major marketplaces and chains. The NFT Trading API empowers developers to create and post orders with custom fees, distributed to Reservoir ecosystem partners and all major NFT marketplaces. The filling of orders aggregated from all major marketplaces with custom fees on top further amplifies the platform's comprehensive approach to NFT trading.

Reservoir makes it possible to introduce next-generation NFT solutions to the market.
A core building block in the Ikigai Labs XYZ tech stack, and backed by OG VCs

As we delve into the heart of the digital revolution, the significance of a flexible, robust, and feature-rich technological infrastructure cannot be overstated. Reservoir Tools is a revelation in this context. The importance of Reservoir Tools lies in its potent mix of customization and adaptability. For Ikigai Labs, a company always striving to stay ahead of the tech curve, this open-source toolkit allows a unique blend of tailor-made solutions and a pre-packaged suite of functions. This ability to gain widespread distribution for our protocol's liquidity is truly a game-changer, treating the NFT market as a unified entity rather than a fragmented assortment of individual marketplaces and chains. The open-source APIs allow us to interact with major NFT marketplaces, ensuring our solutions remain aligned with the ever-evolving ethos of Web3. By enabling creators to honor royalty agreements, and letting Ikigai Labs set custom fee structures, Reservoir Tools reinforces our vision.

Transformative Features - RT
Casting a spotlight on the technological advancements over the past year and a half, utilizing Reservoir Tools. These features have been carefully developed to supercharge your interactions with NFTs, pushing the boundaries of functionality and user experience