As the gateway to the Loire Valley, Tours boasts a rich tapestry of medieval history, Renaissance art, and a burgeoning contemporary culture. The city's heart, with its timber-framed houses and bustling Place Plumereau, is reminiscent of medieval tales and courtly intrigues. The city is an epicenter of gastronomy paired with delicate flavors of Vouvray and Chinon wines.

Les Menus · Restaurant L’Opidom
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Beyond food and wine, Tours has firmly planted itself on the cultural map with its modern art museums. The Olivier Debré Contemporary Art Center, with its rotating exhibitions, encapsulates Tours' passion for the arts.

Les Sources de Cheverny stands as a testament to timeless luxury and the art of French living. This exquisite estate, with its graceful château and historic woodlands, encapsulates the elegance and romance of the region. Drawing inspiration from its rich surroundings, the interiors of Les Sources de Cheverny are a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary. Antique furnishings, rich textiles, and curated artworks coexist with modern amenities, offering guests a stay that is both opulent and comfortable. The estate's spa fully embraced vinotherapy.

★★★★★ Les Sources de Cheverny, Cheverny, France
Situé à Cheverny, à 4,6 km du château, l’établissement Les Sources de Cheverny propose un restaurant, un parking privé gratuit, une piscine extérieure...
★★★★★ Les Trésorières, Tours, France
Situé à Tours, à moins de 400 mètres de la basilique Saint-Martin, l’établissement Les Trésorières propose un service de concierge, des chambres...
Loire Valley Lodges - Hotel, Esvres, France
Situé à Esvres, le Loire Valley Lodges - Hotel propose un restaurant, un service de prêt de vélos, une piscine extérieure ouverte en saison et un bar.